Okay, I’ve concluded to take all Tumblr drama on this topic with a grain of salt. As usual personal protocol.


i’m pausing the episode at exactly the right moments

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I am seriously confused right now. Only one individual I follow is constantly posting stuff regarding Jontron that makes me believe that he has said something that has offended people. It sounds like it is more than the “retard” ordeal some weeks ago.

I assume it has to deal with the Zoe Quinn ordeal. Maybe. Or maybe the collective attempts at twitter humor has backfired harder than anything Spoony has done and now he has the extreme eyes of Tumblr on his tail.

One thing is for certain, Tumblr is actually not a safe place to be. I’d make comparisons to ISIS, but that’s absolutely uncalled for and very much in bad taste considering current events.

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#61) grandfather of first person shooters, started the trend of multiplayer arena shooters, extremely important person in video game history, a programming genius.

#40) tumblr-tier third wave feminist, scam artist, liar, lazy, makes up information, doesn’t actually like video games, talks about women in video games with absolutely no nuance or interesting commentary.

and people say gaming journalism is a joke

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if only
id pass all the exams
why is college hard

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sweet mother of god

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there is no logical reason for this


there is no logical reason for this

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